RKO distributes the Quarrel.
--James Schamus
On Wed, 27 Jan 1993, Gary Parsons wrote:
>     And I thought that sports was just sports!!!  Anyway, now that I
>     have everyone hot and bothered, let me ask a real film question.
>     A friend (quit laughing Roberta, I do have some !!!!) of mine who
>     teaches religion is trying to locate a new film entitled "the
>     Quarrel." It is about two Jewish friends (and camp survivors) who
>     meet and discuss their views of God and the world.  It got a
>     write-up in Christianity Today after a performance at the
>     Heartland Film Festival (Indianapolis) this past October.  It
>     must be too new for any of our media sources.  Has anyone out
>     there heard of it??  Thanks
>        Gary Parsons
>        Parsons@fauvax