On Tue, 26 Jan 1993 07:52:00 EST Gary Parsons said:
>       Interesting stuff, about the Super Bowl.  Just where do they get
>       that little bit of fact????   And while were at it, has anyone
>       wondered, more importantly, WHY it is the worst day for
>       family violence????    Gary Parsons
Police forces collect statistics on such things as responses to calls.
If there is a sudden rise in the number of calls of a particular type,
and, this sudden rise recurs, and, this sudden rise occurs in many,
many cities across the continent, and, this recurrence coincides with some
other prominent event, bean counters take note of this.
The sudden rise in domestic violence is attributed to the almost universal
"drink-in" among Super Bowl viewers.  With the drinking, a pre-disposition
toward violence against your partner/companion/significant and the "passions"
raised during the game ... it doesn't take a rocket-surgeon to complete
the scenario.
I trust this helps your understanding