>  I don't remember the title, but wasn't there a movie where Shirley
>  MacLaine (I think) keeps marrying men who become rich then die
>  tragically (comically)?  One's a singing star who gets mobbed by
>  his fans.  The last person she marries is a poor farmer; she's so
>  happy 'til he strikes oil & she thinks it's all happening again,
>  but it turns out he's struck a pipeline or underground container,
>  instead.
Yes, I think you're right.  As I said yesterday, the plot elements don't
have to match in an Indian remake, but there are enough elements here to
qualify.  Amol Palekar's character is also straight out of WHAT A WAY TO
GO.  (I saw it when it was _new_--in a theater--so my memory is very
Thank you.