Henry--I was delighted to learn you were joining the list & have been
 enjoying and learning from your responses and all the discussion of
 fan writing.  (Your name was mentioned respectfully  by almost every
 presenter at the PCA/ACA Star Trek panels I attended.)
 Questions:  Are the New Voyages pbs still in print?  What are your feelings
 on using those as representative of fan writing?
 Are there institutional collections of fanzines?  Long ago, when I
 debated doing a dissertation on Battlestar Galactica, I started collecting
 BG zines and was appalled at the cost.  Can you suggest strategies for
 researchers who are trying to learn more about the range of fanzines
 available &   still live on a slim book budget?  (If you've answered these
 questions in Textual Poachers, I apologize; I'm still waiting for my copy.)
                             --Didi J.  [log in to unmask]