Dear Fellow Screenwriters,
	I hit the jackpot!  I applied for a summer job and they
called me in just three weeks ago.  So, I go in and see what they
have to say and they turn out to be a company that makes a
screenplay and movie script program.  I looked into it and took the
job.  It turns out that they have educational discounts and stuff
too!  The program is a lot better then anything that I had
been using.  If you want a Demo of the program just drop me a
line at MCI MAIL 515-2975 with the word Demo in the subject line.
or just leave it here on the list with the same subject line so
that I know to pick it up.  Leave your E-mail address along with
what school you go to.  If your a professor, I believe that they may
give you the full blown version for free!  Anyway, if ANYONE is
interested, mail me.