> Maggie is to me about as real as they come.  She's got the whole
> independent woman-pilot-landlord-surviving in Alaska alone thing going
> pretty well.  Her whole neurotic/passion without the acknowledgment or
> touch relationship with Fleshman feels like the most honest, real
> relationshipon TV. I know several devoted followers of the show who
> still can not distinguish between Northern Exposure and reality (((((ok,
> i'm one of them))))) Maggie and Ed are more concrete and emotionally
> real to me than many people I see everyday.
> .
Mike, that is exactly my point.  Maggie is such a realistic character, as
well as being honest and good-intentioned.  I like her so much, it
frustrates me that the writers -- who I do believe are among the best in
the business -- persist in writing her into all of these "almost"
situations.  I thought the ep with all the dead boyfriends was clever, I
thought the ep where Rick was killed was hilarious, I thought the ep with
the bear was very original and deftly worked.  That said, I would like to
see something good and real and happen to Maggie.  Just once.
BTW, I often get NE mixed up with reality, too ;->