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Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1992 13:35:50 CDT
From: "Kenneth L. Hacker, Ph.D., Communication"
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Subject: correction on Bush Time ad
October 15, 1992
by Kenneth L. Hacker, Ph.D. and Walter R. Zakahi, Ph.D.
     After reviewing the Bush "Time" TV spot again, we found that the Bush
ad designers did indeed include the funding source in the ad.  We were wrong
in previously stating that it is nowhere in the ad.  We located it at the
very beginning of the spot --where it is most likely to not be noticed.
Still, we want to make it clear that
the FCC-required identification of source
is in the spot and we did not observe it in previous viewings.
     Notwithstanding this correction in our analysis, we remain convinced that
the spot is fully deceptive and violates fundamental principles of honest and
fair campaign advertising.  We agree with Time magazine that the ad is an
infringement upon the Time logo.
     The ad appears to be designed to confuse voters about who is making
the charges about Clinton.  While the Bush campaign identification is
shown in small and pale print at
the beginning of the ad for a few seconds, the Time trademark is shown
in large print for more time and closer to the end of the message.