> Whether I am a Bush or Clinton or Perot supporter, this is absolutely
wrong.  I wouldn't stand for
> it, and I don't think the American people should stand for it.
This is really the point, that the Bush campaign has used a testimonial
from Time-Warner without actually involving Time-Warner.  The ad is
entirely misleading -- the first time I saw it, I couldn't tell if it was
an ad for Bush or for Time.  I noticed last night the *quickly* flashing
"paid for" disclaimer, which I would have missed had I not read these
postings about the ad.  Was this there originally?  I don't remember it.
Does anyone know if this is news beyond the net?  It should be.  It *is*
wrong, and ought to be a "last straw" for the American public to stop
allowing Bush to pull the wool over their eyes.
Melinda Hale