Here are the papers and speakers for the Friday, 13 Nov. 1992 sessions
of the SMPTE 134th Technical Conference and Equipment Exhibition.
Friday, 13 November, Morning
  Session A:  Advanced Television Systems
1) Developments in Advanced Television Products
    Neil Neubert and Shinzo Nakao, JVC Professional Products Co.
2) Wide Aspect EDTV/ATV Producing Facilities Compatible with NTSC
    M. Tanaka, Y. Kimata, S. Takayama, T. Kurosaki, M. Ishada, and K.
    Saji, Nippon Television Network
3) HDTV Through Bottom-Up Approach, or How to Tackle the Obstacles of
   Moving From Today's Studio to Transmitting HDTV Tomorrow
    J. Hamalainen, Matsushita Applied Research Lab
4) High-Definition Production -- Virtuosity, Costs, and Compatibility
    Rupert Stow, Rupert Stow Associates
5) Widescreen Broadcasting -- A U.K. Perspective
    Peter Marshall, Channel Four Television
6) NTSC Processing for ATV and Compressed Video Applications
    A. Vincent, C.T. Le Dinh, and C. Trembley, Miranda Technologies
7) Television Standards:  Towards Co-Existance
    Philippe-Olivier Rousseau, Eutelsat
8) A High Performance, Full Bandwidth, HDTV Camera, Applying the First
   2.2 Million Pixel F.T. CCD Sensor
    D. Blankevoort, H. Blom, P. Brouwer, B. vd Herik, R. Koppe, A.
    Moelands, J. V Rooy, F. Stok, BTS Broadcast Television Systems B.V.
9) Comparison of HD Hyprt-HAD CCD Camera and Color Films for Television
   Program Production
    L.J. Thorpe, F. Naguno, and K. Ishikawa, Sony Advanced Systems
  Session B:  Electronic Post-Production and Visual Effects
1) Film and High-Resolution Digital Post-Production
    Brad Hunt and Don Mishowich, Eastman Kodak Co.
2) Creative Qualities -- Motion Picture Resolutions
    Peter Owen, Quantel, Ltd
3) The Electronic Future of Film
    J. Galt, J.R. West, and J. Pearman, Sony High Definition Facilities
4) Digital Film Part 2:  Good Grays and Continuous Color
    Thor Olson, Management Graphics, Inc.
5) Non-Realtime Motion Control Videography with the HDC-500 CCD
   High-Definition Camera
    Jonathan Erland, Apogee Productions
6) The Imaging Studio of the Future
    Robert M. Greenberg, R/Greenberg Associates
7) The Dawn of the Digital Motion-Picture Age -- A Report From the Night
    George Joblove, Industrial Light and Magic
  Session C:  Television Recording Technology
1) "Extended" Cassette Library Systems in a Competitive Environment
    M.J. Mifflin, S. Politi and S. Ozen, Panasonic Broadcast and
    Television Systems Co.
2) A Variable Tracking Palyback Development for Professional S-VHS
   Videotape Recorders
    N. Neubert, R. Nishima, K. Shudo, T. Yasuda, and M. Takemura, JVC
    Professional Products Co.
3) A Dual Head, Rewriteable, Component Analog Videodisc Recorder
    Richard Bauraschi and Andy Parsons, Pioneer Communications of America
4) Technologies for Very High Data Density Magnetic Recording
    Koichi Sadashige, Consultant
5) An All-Digital HD-VCR
    W. Paik and E.E. Krause, General Instruments Co. and M. Tsinberg, M.
    Sakuri, S. Ng, K. Nimura and T. Nagoya, Toshiba Corp.
6) Accelerated Life Testing of Metal Particle Tape
    Fraser Morrison and John Corcoran, Ampex Recording Systems
7) Applications of Motion Compensation to Standards Conversion and Film
    Brian R. Mason and R.N. Robinson, Vistek Electronics
8) Expanding the Limits of Vertical Interval Time Code -- How to Encode
   Multiple Saets of Data Simultaneously using VITC Without Confusing
   Existing VITC Readers
    Alan Lambshead, Evertz Microsystems Ltd
9) Electromagnetic Characteristics of Metal Particulate Media with a
   Thin Magnetic Layer
    K. Ejiri, H. Inaba, T. Kitahara
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