Here are the papers and speakers for the Thursday, 12 Nov. 1992 sessions
of the SMPTE 134th Technical Conference and Equipment Exhibition.
Thursday, 12 November, Morning
  Session A:  Television Digital Systems I
1) SMPTE Committee Report on Componebt Serial Digital Video
    Peter D. Symes, Grass Valley Group
2) A New Chipset for SMPTE 259M Serial Digital
    S. Webster, E. Frankhauser, K. Chen, J. Francis, E Ioszef, P. Moore,
    I. Ridpath, and T. Rosati, Gennum Corp.
3) A Modular Approach to Format Conversion
    G. Snell, R. Kupnicki, and M. Proulx, Leitch Video International
4) Error Measurement in Studio Digital Video Systems
    David K. Fibush, Tektronix
5) Performance Evaluation and Acceptance Testing of Bit-Serial Digital
   Video Equipment and Systems at the CBC
    Michael Robin and Michel Poulin, CBC
6) Digital Audio Plant Integration
    Charles S. Meyer, NVision
7) Multiplexing and Demultiplexing Digital Audio and Video in Today's
   Digital Environment
    Keith Y. Reynolds and Joey Rainbolt, Grass Valley Group
8) The Development of a Digital Mixing Console
    Junichi Yamagami, NHK
  Session B:  Multimedia:  On The Desktop
1) Tradition, Confusion, and Multimedia:  Balancing Stability with
   Change in Setting Standards
    John Bowes and Scott Elliott, University of Washington, Seattle
2) Networked CD-I
    D.J. Chai, G.G. Hartwick, and E. Lubchenko, Bellcore, Red Bank
3) Shopping for a DTV System?
    Louise Guay, Public Technologies Multimedia, Inc.
4) A Visual EDL System
    Mark J. Norton, Avid Technology, Inc.
5) A Proposal for Desktop Program Production
    Masahiro Shibata, NHK
6) An Easy to Use System for Controlling Audio and Video Signal Routing
    Paul Mareth, Projections Co.
  Session C:  Film Production and Sound Technologies
1) Eastman EXR 200T Film 5293/7293:  A Film for All Needs
    M. Clark, F. Kelly, M. Mendel, J. Pepe, S. Powell, N. Ravindran,
    M. Walrath, and D. Wasserbauer, Eastman Kodak Co.
2) High-Speed Emulsion Stress Syndrome
    Jonathan Erland, Apogee Productions
3) Agfa XTS400:  A New High-Speed Colour Negative Film
    R. Huybrechts, M. Ailliet, H. Stappaerts, Agfa-Gevaert
4) Nagra Digital -- Applications to Film and Video Production
    Joseph G. Sunday, Arri Nagra
5) A New Sound Recording Film:  ST8.D
    H. Olbrechts, M. Ailliet, P. Slabbinck, Agfa-Gevaert
6) Dolby SR*D:  A Progress Report
    I. Allen, S. Wynn, and K. Krieg, Dolby Laboratories
7) Digital Sound for Movir Theatres:  The Advantage of a Dual Medium
    P. Chedeville and E. Lochen, L.C. Concept
8) New Factors in Cinema Sound Systems
    Tomlinson Holman, University of Southern California and LucasArts
Thursday, 12 November, Afternoon
  Session A:  Television Digital Systems II
1) Digital Technology Doesn't Solve All Systems Problems
    Marc S. Walker, BTS Broadcast Television Systems, Inc.
2) A 1/2-in. Digital Component Videotape Recorder
    P. Livingstone, R.T. Scott and K. Suesada, Panasonic Broadcast and
    Television Systems Co.
3) DP/MO:  Digital Motion Store System
    Dean Lyon, Dynatech Color Graphics
4) Post-Production:  The Advent of Concurrent Editing
    Steve Shaw and Dave Scammell, Quantel, Inc.
5) The European Approach to Digital Component Studios
    Diple Juge and Hans-Peter Richter, BTS Broadcast Television Systems,
6) Problems and Perspectives of Digital Terrestrial Television in Europe
    B.E. Marti, D. Nasse, P. Bernard, and B. LeFloch, CCETT
7) A Computing Systems Approach to the Analysis of Scientific Digital
    W.E. Johnston, B.L. Tierney, S.C. Loken, and D.W. Robertson. Lawrence
    Berkeley Laboratory
8) Pro-Actively Managing Automation and Operation Critical Information
   in the Broadcast, Cable, and Production Facility
    Dan J.P. Ciernia, Digital Equipment Corp.
  Session B:  Multimedia:  Beyond The Desktop
1) Computer Graphics for Scanned Laser Displays
    Patrick Murphy, Pangolin Laser Saotware
2) Interactive Entertainment with Three-Dimensional Audio
    Bo Gehring, Focal Point
3) Computer Graphic Techniques for Virtual Reality Simulations
    Stuart Feldman, Lightscape Graphics Software
4) Realistic Digiized Dinosaur Simulation and Animation
    G.A. Davidson, G. Arendt, and R. Knock, Manic Expressive
5) Performance 3-D Animation:  Beyond Key Frames
    Kim Davidson, Side Effects Software
6) Interactive Digital Optics for Film/Video
7) Tools for the Animation of Facial Expressions
    Kaveh Kardan, Taarna System
8) Interactive Audience Participation -- Models and Modalities
    Ken Deaton, Topix Computer Graphics, and Loren Carpenter, Pixar
  Session C:  Production Technology Applications
1) An Engineering Approach to Better Images
    David F.E. Corley, DCS Laboratories, and Bob Ross and Fred Benedikt,
2) Asymmetrical Parallax Scanning in Autostereoscopic Image Recording
    Christopher A. Mayhew, Vision III Imaging, Inc.
3) Further Investigations into Continuously Variable, Remote Color
   Temperature Adjustments for Metal Halide Lamps
    A. Ketsdever, W. Omens, and E.P. Muntz, University of Southern
    California, Entertainment Technology Program
4) HDTV Live -- The Film:  An Example of a Complete Interaction Between
   Film and HDTV
    Benedicte Delesalle, Films d ici Productions
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