I N T E R O F F I C E   M E M O R A N D U M
                                        Date:     19-Oct-1992 09:01am DST
                                        From:     Corinne H. Smith
                                        Dept:     Audio Visual Services
                                        Tel No:   (814) 863-3104
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Subject: RE: David Holzman's Diary
_David Holtzman's Diary_ is distributed by Direct Cinema,
P O Box 10003, Santa Monica CA  90410-9003; telephone (800)
525-0000.  Purchase price for VHS is $350 and rental is $75.
        (Source: Furtaw, Julia C., ed.  The Video Source Book 1993.
                14th ed.  Detroit: Gale Research Inc., 1993.)
Corinne Smith
Penn State Audio-Visual Services
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