Hi Henry.  I have ordered your book, and I am thinking
about teaching it in a class next quarter.  I wonder if
you could offer any advice about teaching it.  I have
two or three specific questions.  One of my concerns has to
do with the availability and use of the fan discourse you
discuss.  I have
not seen your book yet, but I suspect that to have great
success  teaching it in an introductory class one would need
to  have examples of the zines and song tapes that you
discuss.  I do not kn ow how I would go about getting access
to such examples, and from your exchange with Leslie I
gather that the fans who produce this material have some
real concerns about its circulation and the uses to which it
is put.  My second question has to do with the organization
of this unit of my class.  It seems to me that it might be
useful to contrast
to contrast the activities of the fans and the concerns of
your book with more traditional modes of textual
analysis.  I am interested
in focusing particularly on Star Trek and would like to
if you are familiar with any more traditional analysis of the
show that would be good for my purposes.  Finally, I wonder if
you have found particular episodes of either of the ST series
that are particularly good to teach (and that are available on
tape).  Thanks for any help you have for me.
--Richard deCordova