I too saw a couple of episodes of this show.  Some of it was dull
and the subjects were often prpetentiouus and too self-consciously
hip.  They were obviously working hard to make their lives dramatic
and of course the situation they were placed in was incredibly
artificial.  For me, though, this added up to a pretty
entertaining shows.  There were some pretty good arguments
between the characters and a a whole episode that centered
around a black character's accusations and other members of
the cast were racist.  I'm sorry I missed the show as often as I did.  The New
York Times covered itt fairly closely, and one could find three or four
detailled descriptions of the series there if one were interested.
One of the small scandals that took place is that one ot the women
on the show had an affair with a cameraman on the series.  This
apparently broke her contractual obligation anad that of the
cameraman to respect the "line" between the subjects and the producers of the sh
ow.  I think I am remembering this corre ctly.   --Richard deCordova