henry wrote:
>A recent experiment along similar lines was MTV's series this summer, "The Real
>World" (I think). They did casting calls and pulled together a group of
>attractive, multi-racial, multi-gender, multi-sexual young folks, gave them
>an expensive loft apartment in Manhattan to share, and filmed their
>interactions. I didn't see the series, but I am told that it was hard to
>determine what
>was documentary, what was staged, etc. The whole situation was of course
>contrived, but theoretically, the young adults were not told what to do, so
>the "plot" unfolded in an improvizational and unscripted fashion.
>Did anyone see this thing?
yes, henry...while not seeing the whole series, i did see a few episodes. it wa
s mainly mishmash and very difficult to understand in my opinion. it did a good
job though in getting improvisational interations and thoughts of the actors.
i can't say it would be my choice of TV time, but would suggest it if you like
unrelated sceens of nothing in particular to make up the plot of a show. i do
think it covers some important topics, but is only the opinions of the actors
that were chosen for the series, and therefor bias.
of course, as i said, i only saw a couple of the episodes, so some of the other
s might have had more substance to them