>this message has no practical purpose.  i don't want to find out any
>technical iformation or locate any film -- rather i just want to express
>my obsession for the film 'slacker' and ask if any one else shares my
>obsession.  to me, it is the only film i have ever seen that feels real
>>and honest.  it makes every hollywood film i've seen feel
i>rrelevant....../........so if anyone else shares this A:RATIONAL
>addiction to this bunch of images, i would greatly appreciate knowing of
>that sickness..$$$$$$$$$$$.^^^^thanks.bye.
i can't say as i have ever seen "slacker" but after your comments about it i
plan on renting it as soon as i have some time. is it a main-stream film, or
will i have problems finding it?
if, and when i *do* find it, i will send my comments to the list. thank you aga
in for the round-about suggestion. i am always looking for interesting movies
that contain more than just fluff...of course for a relaxing night, fluff isn't
so bad every once in a while *grin*