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> Hello Cinema Land,
>      I have written a poem called Seagull Wind and set it to music. The poem
> and music comes out to about 30min's. To approach this from a production point
> of view (low budget) where to begin? The scriptinf of the poem-script is about
> done, it calls for two actors - one male, one female - the female being the
> Poet's muse. Each fragment of the poem has it's own set, and the overall at-
> moshpere is sur-realistic. Any advice out there in Cimema Land
> Thankyou,
> John
> P.S. the following fragment is from Seagull Wind  copyrighted 1980, John
> Cobb,III
>           In search
>           I got tangled
>           Entwined ...
>           Then you
>           Came along
>           And ...
>           Rearranged
>           The twine
What sort of advise are you looking for ?
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