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> > I was able to watch part of are right, it is really
> > interesting.  But, I think I read somewhere that is is supposed to
> > be a limited series.  Anyone else hear this?
> >
> > > Is anybody watching this?  I think it's great, and have written CBS to say
> > > so...maybe if enough people do, it will be continued...Peter Riegert (saw
> > > him in Crossing Delancey, but nothing else) is sensational. Try it, if you
> > > haven't already....Thursday nights at 10:00 EST...don't know how long it
>  will
> > > be on...
>      According to the LA Times TV critic, Howard Rosenberg, "Middle
> Ages"  is almost a one show series.  The first episode is supposedly
> very good (not bad, imho) but successive episodes get mired in "much
> silliness" gets somewhat whiney and the characters become cartoonish.
> Just a little FYI, for what it's worth.
>      Frank
That applies to many things on TV though. :-)
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