Henry mentioned in a previous post about Console-ing Passions. I
   thought I'd take the liberty of posting more information
   Console-ing Passions
   2nd Annual Conference
   University of Southern California
   April 1-4, 1993
      Console-ing Passions welcomes paper proposals
   that foreground questions of sexual and other cultural differences.
   Possible areas include feminist perspectives on:
   TV & feminist theory
   TV & institutional studies
   TV audiences & ethnography
   TV & Social history
   video art & independent video
   TV & queer theory
   TV & consturctions of ethnicity, race and sexuality
   international tv
   TV, video & postmodernism
   TV & "girl" subcultures.
   media pedagogy
   TV's construction of social knowledge.
   Please send 250 word proposals only to the following two addresses
   Julie D'Acci
   Communication Arts
   Vilas Hall
   University of Madison-Wisconsin
   Madison, WI
   Lynn Spigel
   School of Cinema-TV
   University of Southern California
   University Park
   Los Angeles, CA 90089-2211
   213 740-3334
   For more information call or write Lynn Spigel