Thanks for all the suggestions.  I'll give the Canadian Filmmakers
Distribution Centre a call.
--Jeff Rush
On Tue, 8 Sep 1992 [log in to unmask] wrote:
> According to a recent release, Jon Jost's films are available from Strand
> Releasing, 623 Broadway, Venice, California 90291, Phone/Fax 213 937 4500.
> Shawna Dempsey's "We're Talking Vulva" is part of the feature-length Five
> Feminist Minutes, produced by or through the National Film Board of Canada. I
> don't know how Film Board productions are distributed down there. I think it's
> also available for rent, I believe on its own, as well as in the anthology
> film, from the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, 67A Portland Street,
> Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 2M9, Phone 416 593 1808, Fax 416 593 6991.