As recently as seven years ago, there was a 70mm print of DAYS OF HEAVEN
available for rent.  The Coolidge Corner Theatre, in Brookline, MA is the last
place where I saw it exhibited in 70mm.
If this film is *ever* shown in 70mm, be sure to see it.  The experience is
The cinematography is the very best available-light cinematography that I have
ever seen!  I don't remember the film winning an award for it, though.
I seem to recall that the film won an award for sound design, though I could be
Paramount has issued the film on Videodisc, and the experience is sadly
diminished in the video format.  Paramount *has* been issuing some videodiscs
in special editions which include introductions by the directors, digital
stereo surround sound, chapter encoding, and letterboxing.  As of the September
ed. of LASER DISC NEWSLETTER, this title has not been announced for
remastering.  I, for one, would love to see DAYS remastered on disc.
Andrew Jones