On Saturday night, there was this movie on Bravo. I missed the beginning,
but really want to know more about it. It starred Richard Gere, a
recognizable woman, and Sam Shepard. The woman and Richard Gere were
migrant workers, I think they were posing as brother and sister, but
maybe not. (I should say that the track was not very good, and I kept
missing lines.) They worked on this farm owned by a rich Sam Shepard. The
Shepard character fell in love with the woman, but Richard Gere was in
love with her, too. I think they were planning on scamming Shepard's
character. The POV of the movie was this girl of 12 or so, who seemed to
be adopted by Gere and the woman. I'd have to say that it was shot at
least ten years ago- judging from Gere's appearance.
Anyway, as I missed the beginning, I missed the title, and my Tv Guide
doesn't list Bravo. Thanks to anyone who can place it.
Incidentally, it was pretty good, not monumental or anything.....
Ithaca College