> I am trying to locate video copies of two Spanish films.  Any
> suggestions would be appreciated.
>      Bunuel       Le chien andalou
>      Almodovar    Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del monton
 Bowker's Complete Video Directory 1990 lists UN CHIEN ANDALOU
 as available from Budget Video in VHS or Beta for $34.95.
 1540 N. Highland Ave., No 108
 Los Angeles, CA  90028
 800-621-0849 / 213-466-0121
 There is a second listing for UN CHIEN ANDALOU, along with
 Hearts of Age (Welles) and Ballet Mecanique (Experimental
 Series, N. 1) from New York Film Annex.  VHS or Beta 19.95.
 163 Joralemon St., Suite 1282, Brooklyn, NY  11201.  718-499-1621
 Jim Tobin