<annoying, whiny voice>
 Your SCREEN-L coordinator had 126 error messages in his e-mailbox
 this morning (generated by bad addresses and network snafus).
 If you know that you're losing or changing your e-mail address, please
 please please be sure to send a note to [log in to unmask] or
 LISTSERV@UA1VM canceling your SCREEN-L subscription.  Put the following
 command in the first line of your note:
 Your SCREEN-L coordinator thanks you...
 P.S.  Most of today's error messages were caused by temporary blocks in
 the network channels.  Ugh, what a pain.
      Knowledge--Zzzzzzzp!  Money--Zzzzzzzp!--Power!
      That's the cycle democracy is built on!
                              --Tennessee Williams
                                "The Glass Menagerie"
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