On Wed, 12 Aug 1992 18:53:05 CDT Dale Moore said:
>Please put me on your subscription list.  Thank you.
Here's the info on SCREEN-L.  It's best if you subscribe from your
end (instructions below).  Makes for fewer errors.  If you have trouble,
though, buzz me at my address below.
S        C        R    R   E        E        N N    N        L
S        C        R    R   E        E        N  N   N        L
SSSSSS   C        RRRRR    EEE      EEE      N   N  N  ====  L
     S   C        R  R     E        E        N    N N        L
     S   C        R   R    E        E        N     NN        L
E-mail has provided a new way for teachers, scholars and students of
film and television to share their pedagogical experiences and
theoretical/historical/production discoveries--and pose questions and
issues to the international film/TV studies community.
This new networking capability is facilitated by a "listserver"--a piece
of mainframe software that links subscribers in a "discussion
list."  Subscribers send e-mail to the listserver using BITNET, Internet
or another e-mail service that accesses BITNET/Internet.  Once the
listserver receives that e-mail it instantly distributes it to all of
the other subscribers on the list.  The subscribers can then respond to
that e-mail and pretty soon discussions on topics of common interest are
SCREEN-L is a discussion list that hopes to connect people working
in the area of film and television studies, whether they be filmmakers
who teach or researchers working in an archive or television production
educators or historians or... You get the picture.  SCREEN-L is open to
discussions ranging from the arcane (Baudrillard) to the practical
(roommate match-ups for the next conference), from the abstract
(discourse theory) to the concrete (job announcements).
SCREEN-L is working to get direct input from professional/academic
organizations (Society for Cinema Studies, Broadcast Educators
Association, and so on) and journals.  But the core of such a list is
its subscribers.
I hope you'll subscribe to SCREEN-L.  There's no charge for this service
and the subscription process is ridiculously easy.  Either use e-mail or
an interactive command (such as TELL or SEND) and send the folowing
message to LISTSERV@UA1VM (or [log in to unmask] for Internet):
SUBSCRIBE SCREEN-L <your name here>
"<your name here>" is where you put your name as you'd like it to appear
in the list.  For example:
When you subscribe you'll be sent further information about SCREEN-L.
In order to send messages to the list you simply send e-mail to
SCREEN-L@UA1VM (or [log in to unmask] for Internet).  Bingo.  That's
I look forward to seeing you on the list.  If you'd like more
information, don't hesitate to contact me at the address below or via
U.S. mail at:  P.O. Box 870152, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa,
AL 35487-0152; phone (205) 348-6350.  SCREEN-L is sponsored by the
Telecommunication and Film Department and the Seebeck Computer Center
at the University of Alabama.
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