>us who grew up in the 60's remember a cartoon featuring a dog
>who would go nuts when he was given some kind of dog treat
>(a bone? a dog biscuit?). He would hug himself and make yummy
>sounds (to quote Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein), and
>then float up into the air and back down. Any suggestions
>on the name of the dog or what this is from?
>Some people seem to remember it being from a cartoon show,
>while others think it was from a commercial; so far, the only
>name anyone has suggested is Scooby-Doo, and I KNOW it
>wasn't him.
    Definitely a cartoon show, Sally.
    Unless I'm mistaken, I believe it was on either QUICKDRAW MCGRAW or THE
    DEPUTY DAWG SHOW.  The latter was a Terrytoon TV show premiering in
    1960, but I don't have any info on the former.  The more I think about
    it, the more it seems like it was Quickdraw McGraw's dog assistant.   I
    place it in a Western context, so I reckon Scooby-Doo is out.
    (Anybody out there heard of a band called "Scooby Don't"?  They played
    Tuscaloosa last week.)
    1946-1981--PART 1:  ANIMATED CARTOON SERIES could fill in the gaps, but
    I don't have a copy handy...