Just wanted to add my voice to Eric's, as far as "Previews" being
added to the SCREEN-L list. I had been on CINEMA-L, but also found
too many messages on it, most of them on things that just didn't
interest me that much (I think the discussions on things like
Batman's merits went on a little too long, and SCREEN-L has
been much more fun!). So, here's one more vote for "Previews"
becoming a monthly SCREEN-L feature - how about it, Bill?
--Oh, one more thing: Just wanted to remind everyone that
Tuesday is the anniversary of Lizzie Borden's big day. So,
if you can, watch the Elizabeth Montgomery made-for-TV
movie to celebrate (as a Borden buff, I think it really
is one of the better criminal re-creations in a movie).
Chips Ahoy!!--
Sally Waters, Stetson Law Library (waters@stetson)