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                                        Date:     30-Jul-1992 11:27am DST
                                        From:     Corinne H. Smith
                                        Dept:     Audio Visual Services
                                        Tel No:   (814) 863-3104
TO:  Remote Network Mail User             ( _IN%SCREEN-L@UA1VM )
Subject: RE: Oh! What a Lovely War
I've heard that you already got answers from CINEMA-L on
this question, and I posted some info myself on SCREEN-L.
But I forgot to mention about distribution.  It doesn't look
as if this film is available on video in the United States.
Films Incorporated in Chicago is listed in an old source as
having 16mm film copies of it available for rent; perhaps they
have video copies as well.  They can be reached at
Films Incorporated, 5547 Ravenswood Ave, Chicago IL  60640-1199;
telephone (800) 323-4222 ext. 312.  Good luck in your search!
Corinne Smith
Penn State Audio-Visual Services