One thing that interests me about Batman Returns is all the
corporate activity. I knew we were going to be bombarded:
The first movie made over $500 million on merchandising
(and "only" $250 at the boxoffice), and since sequels usually
generate even more licensing than original movies, it makes
since we would get deluged.  The first signal of this was the
"making of Batman Returns" CBS special last week.  What an
example of multi-level commercialism!  First, the special
itself was a 30 minute commercial for the movie; then, there
were commercials for other Warner movies (so these were commercials
within a commercial); THEN there were ads for corporates like
MacDonald's which were promoting Batman Returns tie-ins (so
these were commercials within commercials within a commercial).
And I suspect the worst is yet to come.
Matt McAllister, Virginia Tech