> >All of this was spiced up by the Berlin Senate's
> >decision to cancel (in the very last minute) a gala to
>              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >her honor - suspicion is that the established parties
> >were afraid that such an event could possibly result
> >in further losses of followers among those groups of
>     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ yeah right
The established newspaper the "Tagesspiegel" notes that
most of Marlene Dietrichs friends were "sick or otherwise unable to come".
Thus, the party was called off. (I am glad, actually)
(This gives some extra space for interpretation...)
> >the population who resort to nationalism and
> >xenophobia in the present situation.
The neo-nazi's didn't do a good advertising job again.
> like that make me think twice about going back home.
I am thinking five minutes on a good reply on this one. Don't come
up with anything ... Guess that speak for itself. But... Well...
Don't think it wasn't that serious after all.
To all of you a good peacefull summer
Soeren Detering					[log in to unmask]
Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany