I'm interested in silent films--I have my own modest collection of about 35.
I'm a junior in high school and plan on majoring in film in college.  I've
been interested in the silents since 8th grade, so I've decided that is what
I'm doing with my life.  I'm more interested in the historical aspect of
them, which means becoming a film historian.  Where I am, there are not many
silents available of historical importance (the ones that I have are mainly
for entertainment).  Can anyone head me in the right direction of more
"intellectual" films?
I really like the ones I already own, and one of my goals is to get every
movie of Greta Garbo's.  She is my favorite actress.  I'm only lacking the
	Luffar Petter (Peter the Tramp)
	The Torrent
	The Temptress
If anyone knows where I could get these, let me know.
Kerrie Boardman