> Help!  I am trying to locate a film.  The film is entitled "Don Quixote
> de Nuevo" or "Un Quixote sin Mancha" or "Don Quixote rides again."  Starring
> Cantinflas.  Directed by Roberto Galbaldon.  Released in the USA (I think) in
> the early '60s.  Possibly by Columbia.
> Any information would be appreciated.  Either to me or the net.
> Gary Esarey
> Whitman College
> 509-527-5748
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If you were in the midwest you'd have no problem--there are hundreds of
stores that rent Cantinflas videos. I don't know if this one have been on
TV but there's usually 1 C movie per month on our channel 44. However have
you looked in the Seattle yellow pages for grocery stores with Spanish
names--if they don't have any video stores listed?
Good luck,
Carol Slingo
*it's Gavaldon
(probably you won't find subtitles)