>    I've written this file in Wordperfect.  This is actually the
>econd time I've done this, so I know that it will work.  The
>process is relatively easy.  First, the writing (and
>spellchecking in my case :-) ) and then the file is saved in the
>ASCII format by using the CTRL-F5 key combination.
    Thanks for showing folks how to do "DOS text" (i.e., ASCII) messages in
    WordPerfect, Susie.  This can often be a handy thing to know,
    especially your explanation of how to up/download to a mainframe.
    The only thing missing when you do messages this way is WordPerfect's
    control codes, which control underlining, italics, boldface, footnotes,
    etc.  For that stuff you need to use the separate CONVERT program that
    comes with WordPerfect, but is not run from within WordPerfect, if you
    catch my drift...