I have found two stores in Chicago that sell NTSC-format videos of
Heimatfilm and other German stuff from 50s and 60s. Since this is not my
area of interest I did not keep a copy of their list, but it is not too far
out of my way to go back there and see what they have now.  If you are
interested, send me a self-addressed envelope and I will see what I can do.
BTW, the Davis Theater at Lincoln near Lawrence showed these movies
regularly, along with the odd Nazi specialty, throughout the 70s. Then I
believe the owner retired, but for a long time thereafter had Saturday
afternoon screenings of Heimatfilms in one of the x-plex theaters once a
month. Someone told me there was a U.S. distributor and may still be for
this material on 35 mm. THE GOLDEN CITY was from a private collection (I am
told). I didn't see it.
Carol Slingo
Box 1873
Evanston, IL 60204