>Nobody has said anything in this discussion about documentary.  Is that
>because documentary cannot by definition be Brechtian, or...?
On another topic (Paul Robeson, I believe) we _did_ mention
the Frontier Film group of the late 1930s/early 1940s.  They
produced a number of documentaries that are definitely inte-
esting for their uplink to Brecht.  Related to Frontier Films
is their immediate predecessor group, Nykino, and the various
Workers' Film & Photo League groups that thrived in particular
in Chicago and New York during the Depression.  I could dig up
some source references if there's interest.
All this is about as far from TV as it could get, but you asked
for it :-).
(if you are looking for the bilder deep your ear on the movietone!) FW 062.08
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