If one considers "Brechtian" in terms of character-to-camera
asides and exhortations, then I guess I'd vote for "Ferris
Bueller's Day Off."
I saw it at the same time I was reading "Julius Caesar," and
was struck by the similarity--in the same way that JC is more
about Brutus and his growth/metamorphosis than about JC, FB is
more about his buddy, whatsisname.
I guess my favorite part of the movie--but of course it *wasn't*
part of the movie--is after the credits have finished scrolling
and Ferris comes back and says to the audience something to the
effect of "Hey, what are you still doing here? Go home!"  (I'm
reminded of Lenin(?)'s epilogue--"I would write more, but I must
go join the revolution.  Could that have been Marx?
"If I knew the way, I would take you home..."