I'm in the midst of writing a textbook on television criticism--more
    specifically, I'm in the middle of Chapter Three:  "Building Narrative:
    Character, Actor, Star."
    I've hit a bit of a stumbling block that I'm hoping SCREEN-L-ites might
    help me with.
    As I've discussed performance in TV I've gone, briefly, into notion of
    anti-naturalist performance theories--theories which counter the norm
    of Method acting.  I've outlined, briefly once again, Brechtian notions
    of epic theater and distanciation.
    My problem:  what's a good, clear example of Brechtian television--if,
    indeed, it exists at all?
    My thinking was that the rare music video blocks viewer identification
    with the musicians.  There's one by the Replacements, for example,
    where the band members never appear.  All one sees is a speaker,
    vibrating, and then the camera pulls back to reveal the room that the
    speaker is in.
    Does anyone remember which song that video is for?