Subject: B Movies
 Can anyone provide some assistance with the subject of B movies? I will be
 teaching a course on B movies this spring. I plan to cover a studio
 (Republic), a director (probably Ulmer but it depends on availability), B
 Noir, genre (teen films) and issues of reception (Drive-ins and the cult
 phenomena). It's a six week summer course so I can't cover a lot. I will use
 Doherty's Teenagers and Teenpics, whatever is relevant in Kings of the Bs and
 I have a few articles in mind such as Staiger on Standardization and
 Differentation, Kerr on B Film Noir and so on. Are there any articles, books
 or film titles (available in Canada) that anyone can suggest in this area? Is
 there anything that might not be immediately obvious from going through the
 Film Literature Index? Does anyone have a course outline they would like to
 share? Any advice would be appreciated.
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 Film Studies
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