Well sir, it just occurred to me that SCREEN-L will turn one year old
next week.
It was 15 March 1991 that this list started making its way through the
'nets from its home base in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, U.S. of A.  Since that
time SCREEN-L has grown to almost 300 participants from just about every
continent on the globe (anyone tuning in from Africa?).  We've survived
one annoying e-mail loop (that sent everyone 50 copies of the same
message; this has not been repeated, thank goodness).  We've had
conversations ebb and flow.
On the whole, we've been a very cordial group--though sometimes a bit
too shy for our own good, perhaps.  In any event, you subscribers have
made my job as coordinator a simple one (as befits my computing
In the future, I still plan to set up a SCREEN-L FILELIST where text
files relating to film/TV studies may be stored (the computer wizards
here have been a bit slow on this one).  Let me know if you have any
ideas about material for this.
So, thanks for participating!  And happy birthday to us!
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