Two comments, unrelated.  My own exper with videos, moview videos, is
running afoul of technology.  I recently gave a paper at a conf in which
I used a montage of scenes from Kubrick's THE SHINING.  I had bought the
film at Blockbuster, so I was on the up and up.  But the film was
protected, so my montage had lines running thru the screne.  This type
of protection is not universal, I have used films w/o it appearing, but
also with diff types of protecting appearing.  Now, how is this for an
irony, if I taped the show off of cable I would have no problem, but
when I buy the film I have a problem?
Second interest.  Does anyone know what Kubrick is up to these days.
I have heard he is working on a film based on a Aldiss story called
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