European countries, and especially Sweden are a bit upset about the
gung-ho US approach to HDTV.  There have been a number of articles
expressing concern over certain US development without witing for all the
data to come in.  Of course, the European approach will be to do a
sort of research proposal, referendum, and then decide on a standard.
They are worried about too many standards, and subsequent cost for
consumers AND Tv networks, many of which are stat-owned.  We could
just end up again with BETA versus VHS versus PAL versus SECAM versus
NTSC, etc.
The musical instrument manufacturers really showed the way in creating
MIDI. musical instrument digital interface, as an international standard
and thereby cheap in the long run for all.  Just think if computers
could run all software!
I hope that HDTV can wrok it out internationally.
bert deivert    sweden