From:  yischon liaw
This happened to be a questioned answered in "Ask the Ritz" written by Michael
Norris in At the Ritz, a publication put out by the Ritz theaters in
"The soundtrack to Veronique was written by Polish composer Zigniew Preisner,
who also wrote the scores for two other films made by Veronique director
Krzysztof Kieslowski, including his epic interpretation of the Ten
Commandments, The Decalogue. Preisner's other recent scores include those for
Europa, Europa and At Play in the Fields of the Lord. Plans are afoot for the
release of the Veronique soundtrack, but, says the film's publicist, nothing
is definite yet."
Also, I just saw the trailer for Aliens 3, and the release date was set for
Memorial Day.Interesting POV shots of the aliens...