Timothy Panton noted that a key difference between Blakes 7 and
Star Trek was that Blake's 7 was "anti-establishment."  More than
that, this wasn't simple Errol Flynn-Robin Hood slop.  Blake and
crew usually lost; were torn by inner contradictions; and we
were never really sure if they were all really "good guys" (although
the "bad guys" were definitely bad -- it should be noted that
the evilist of all was a woman -- could be read as progressive,
or just the Eve story again).
And the last episode was wonderul, totally unique.  The PBS
station in Chicago ran the show late Saturday nights.  I was
working an evening job, and would usually get home just in time
for the show.  That night, I got home, collapsed in a chair
and watched what seemed to be a fairly routine episode; the
re-united cast indicated that a new direction might be coming.
Then BAM!  No more Blake's 7.  A perfect ending.