It's easy to blame the CIA for everything (one never loses betting with the
probabilities) but I never heard that the USIA was anything more than what
it claims to be: The United States Information Agency.  They are the overseas
(from us) agency responsible for dissemination of material relating to United
States policy.
It wouldn't hurt to speak to the local representative of the agency, but they
might not pick-up immediately on what you are asking.  Perhaps if you make your
request specific, you'd have a better chance of success.
I guess what I'm saying is speak specifically to the USIA rep not "the embassy"
and make your request as specific as possible, e.g., specific film titles, to
The National Audio Visual Service does sell obsolete films with a caption at
head saying that the film has been withdrawn but is being made available for
historical purposes.  That's how I obtained THE RIVER and LET THERE BE LIGHT.
Whether this policy applies to the 'fifties anti-communist material I do not
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