On the subject of Cold War anti-communist features . . .
How about _My Son John_ (1951 . . . I think), a film which the Academy
rather fauningly gave a Best Original Screenplay nomination to as a kind of
penance for sitting idly by in the 1940s when such films as _North Star_
(a pro-Soviet war flick) were made that would later piss off HUAC.  Anyway,
_My Son John_ is about an overbearing mother and her probably gay, communist
son.  It's a wonderful example of communism, homosexuality and "momism" (cf.
Philip Wylie's 1941 book _Generation of Vipers_ on this last) being linked.
On all these movies, there is a wonderful essay by Michael Rogin entitled
"Kiss Me Deadly" which originally appeared years ago in _Representations_ but
is reprinted in his collection _Ronald Reagan:  The Movie_.
--Ben Alpers
  Princeton University