I have received this trough other list (a brazilian agencie
list). I think it is interesting  to know more about brazilians.
                                   Helio Godoy
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Evaristo at UMNSOM.
                  Understanding Your Thesis Supervisor
-------------------------             --------------------------
Look on this as a learning            You're going to suffer
Let me explain the format of the      Let me make you even more nervous
I'm here to lend you support          I'm here to destroy you so you won't
                                      look smarter than me
I found the overall concept           This is my token compliment before
interesting                           ripping your idea to shreds
I would like to have had more time    I didn't read it
to study this
I have some concerns about the        I hate the theory but I can't insult
theory upon which your study is       the author so I'll insult your work
based                                 instead
There are some aspects of the         I read it but I just don't remember
study that I would like to hear       anything about it
more about
Your hypotheses are not strongly      You came up with an innovative idea
enough linked to the existing         and I want to make sure you never do
literature                            it again
Your research is an interesting       Why didn't I think of this before
extension of my own work              you did?
You have failed to take into          You failed to cite me
account some of the more relevant
I would like you to explain...        I don't know anything about this stuff
                                      so you'll have to explain it to me
Your statistical results don't        I don't understand statistics
seem to support your hypothesis
Your selection of statistical         I'm the only one here that understands
tests is rather simplistic            statistics and I wanted to rub it in
How did you ensure that you had       I had to come up with at least one
drawn a random sample?                question and this one always works
Let's wrap this up                    I'm hungry
Could you step out of the room        We decided beforehand to give you your
while the committee comes to a        degree, but we still want to make you
decision?                             sweat some more