On Tue, 20 Aug 1991 16:09:18 CST Sandra Basgall said:
>The fallout from Kinko's has been greatly enlarged due to the lack of
>resources due to the recession we seem to not be happening.  Our library
>will only allow 25 books per professor in the reserve room as they don't
>have enough staff to handle more.
 Sandra raises another, touchy issue:  the affect of the recession on
 film/TV education.
 I know that U of Oregon's Department of Speech (which housed film/TV)
 was recently disbanded, with the tenured faculty being farmed out to
 other departments.  Here at Alabama the Dean has just begun talking
 about cutting positions--an unheard of concept even before during the
 economic setbacks of the '80s.
 Does anyone have horror stories they'd care to share on SCREEN-L?  (If
 they think it's appropriate.)  And what have educators been doing to
 deal with the current tight-money situation?
 And, perhaps crucially, how may faculty find out just how tight is "tight".
 We're constantly told that "there is no money"--even when administrators'
 pet projects continue to be funded.  How do we know when the money >really<
 isn't there?
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