On Tue, 20 Aug 1991 07:52:00 EDT Tom Benson 814-865-4201 said:
>It *might* be a good idea for SCREEN-L to affiliate, but there may
>be good reasons not to.  If the associations sponsor the list, there
>might develop a lot of time-wasting negotiations over the rules and
>regulations for an inherently experimental, sometimes necessarily
>anarchic, enterprise.
 Good point, Tom.  One I hadn't really anticipated.
 The affiliation of SCREEN-L with academic organizations is a concept
 in its formative stages.  Suggestions such as these are very helpful.
 The last thing I want to see is SCREEN-L turning into some kind of
 bureaucratic quagmire of rules and regs.  I think it's possible to
 maintain its free flow of discussion and further optimize its use
 in the dissemination of film/TV studies information.  But maybe
 SCS/UFVA cosponsorship isn't the way.
 WE'll just have to see.  Thanks for the input.
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