Reminder No. 2:
If your e-mail address will expire or be on hold this summer you can
either completely sign off SCREEN-L or you can set it so that you just
don't receive any mail (and then re-start delivery later).
Either way, send e-mail to LISTSERV@UA1VM (or [log in to unmask], for
Internet), and NOT to SCREEN-L@UA1VM, unless you want the entire list to
know your summer plans.
To signoff, put this command in the first line of the text of your
message (not in the header or the subject line):
To put a hold on SCREEN-L messages on a temporary basis, send the
following command in the same manner:
When you want to resume delivery, send:
That's about it.  (And this time I did it with the manual in front of
me, instead of from memory!)  Thanks for your help with this
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