Thank you for starting the list, and thanks for encouraging silent listeners
to contribute.  I read, but I seldom write back.  It doesn't mean I'm not
 thinking about what's been said.  It's just like my reluctance in graduate
school to speak out until I felt confident enough about my ideas.  But...
In addition to The Third Man, which some of my students love and some
hate (the zither music drives some of them crazy), I also teach
The Fallen Idol, which is also quite a fine film, a detective story
in which a child's point of view is the crucial element.  I recommend
the film to anyone who hasn't seen it.  Ah yes, I should say that the
screenplay was written by Graham Greene, in collaboration with Carol Reed,
and is available in a Penguin edition (ISBN 0-14-003278-9).  I too salute
Grahame Greene.