On Sat, 6 Apr 91 19:18:57 CST Curt Sampson said:
>I think it's a good idea to try and bring other academic and research
>organizations into the fold.  Simon Fraser University and
>Communications Canada are sponsoring the Centre for Image and Sound
>Research, located here in Vancouver.  Their mission is "...to conduct
>applied research into the artistic and technological aspects of image
>and sound, contributing to the development of communication technology
>and the commercialization of related products thought the process of
>technology transfer to industry."  New technologies are certainly
>going to affect the way we communicate via a screen, and I think they
>might be able to provide some valuble input.  I'll give them a call on
>Monday and see what they have to say.
Thanks Curt. Sounds like a good idea.  Any other ideas of academic/
research organizations that ought to be involved?
P.S. Does Kaja Silverman still teach at Simon Fraser?
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